About Credit Help Info

Credit Help Info provides credit instruction and information needed to gain better control of your financial situation. We specialize in turning confusing and complicated credit material into clear and understandable help.

How Credit Help Info can help you:

  • Learn how to fix your credit, in plain and simple English.
  • Find out the best credit repair companies with our detailed credit repair company reviews.
  • Determine the best checking accounts, best banks, and best loans available for your needs.

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About Chris Morgan


Hi, I’m Chris Morgan, a high school teacher, husband, father, credit expert, and founder of Credit Help Info. Many years ago, my FICO credit score was in the fair range. I remember thinking at the time that "fair" didn’t sound too bad. 

But, a handful of life experiences taught me that fair meant I was missing out on lots of savings and benefits. I made the terrible mistake of thinking my credit score didn’t really matter much.

Since then, I’ve learned plenty of tips, tricks and tactics in the credit industry. More importantly, I applied that knowledge to my own life. As a result, my credit score finally climbed to exceptional.

I have read hundreds of books and resources on finance (I’m not exaggerating). Many of those resources specialized in credit scores, credit cards and credit repair. I even joined the Credit Consultants Association so that I could get my hands on their training materials and learn the industry secrets.

Because I did all this research and reading, you don’t have to spend time doing any of it. Credit Help Info is a collection and summary of all those findings and all that information.

In many ways, the credit industry has its own special language, which can often get confusing and overwhelming.

Picture of a credit report

I believe that having the right information can help anyone to regain control and feel better about their finances. I believe this because it happened to me! 

I graduated from The University of Chicago. I have been a school teacher for over 20 years. I enjoy reading and research so much that I have made a classroom career out of taking complicated material and breaking it down into easy to understand chunks. This is exactly what Credit Help Info is here to do. 

Does this site make money?

Does this site make money?

The best way to produce a valuable website is by putting the interests of its readers before the interests of anyone else. This "readers first" approach also extends to monetization of this site.

Credit Help Info makes money through affiliate agreements with partners that share our vision of helping people take better control of their credit situation. We do careful diligence and only recommend products and services that will help you along your credit repair journey. If you decide to sign up for a finance company’s product or service that was referred to you by Credit Help Info, then it is likely that the finance company will pay us as a “thank you” for that referral. 

We do not collect any money from our readers. Credit Help Info does not have or sell any of its own products or services. We don’t collect email addresses. We don’t intend to sell you something later. We simply get a small commission if you decide to use an affiliate on this site.

Editorial Standards

Editorial Standards

Credit Help Info is here to offer unbiased advice that's rooted in research and insights from a variety of experts in the field. Most important of all, the style of writing is plain and straightforward so that anyone can learn and follow along.

The rule of thumb is simple—the content here must be grounded in sound research, and it needs to provide as much value to our readers as possible.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is honest and transparent: Credit Help Info does not sell anyone's data or anyone's personal information to anyone. We take privacy seriously.

You can read the detailed Privacy Policy document to find out more.