6 Best Payday Loan Lenders in Las Vegas, Nevada

6 Best Payday Loan Lenders in Las Vegas, Nevada
Author : Chris Morgan
Updated on : May 13th, 2022

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With an abundance of casinos and nightlife, Las Vegas is commonly nicknamed the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” although many people also call it “Sin City” for similar reasons. People often find themselves in debt in Las Vegas, and a 2020 study by Self confirmed that Nevada was the state with the most credit card debt in the country.

To resolve these debts, some resort to continued gambling, which is never a good idea. Instead, provided you have a reliable source of income, you may consider a payday loan to cover short-term financial emergencies.

In this article, we’ll cover 6 of the best payday loan lenders in Las Vegas, Nevada. Because payday loans can be a touchy and controversial topic, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about them as well.

Are Payday Loans Legal in Las Vegas?

First things first, yes, payday loans are legal in Las Vegas, and in Nevada as a whole. Chapter 604A in the Nevada Legislature contains the Payday Lender Best Practices Act, which outlines these few key regulations, among others:

  • Payday lenders may not offer you a loan that exceeds 25% of your expected gross monthly income. If you already have an outstanding payday loan, the combined total amount of the loans cannot exceed 25% of your gross income.
  • The law defines a “single-advance, single-payment loan” as one that’s due in full within 35 days after the loan agreement.

Be extremely mindful of these two rules. Don’t entertain offers from lenders that go above the legal threshold. Only take out a loan if you know you can comfortably pay it back in full in 35 days or less.

Top 6 Payday Loan Lenders in Las Vegas

Next, we’ll go into the top 6 payday loan companies in Las Vegas. Note that none of these companies offer guaranteed payday loans. However, it’s usually a lot easier to get accepted for a payday loan because they generally have more lenient criteria.


LendYou Logo

LendYou is a top online payday lender that is available to Las Vegas residents. Since their establishment in 2005, they have risen to become one of the most popular places to find a payday loan.

Importantly, LendYou is not a direct lender. Instead, they offer a platform where you can connect with any one of their partner lenders. It’s like a marketplace of lenders where you can shop around and choose the best payday loan for your situation.

We highly recommend starting off your search with LendYou due to these pros:

  • Quick Approval Process
  • Bad Credit, No Problem
  • Flexible Loan Amounts and Rates
  • Highly Transparent About Rates and Services
  • Excellent Customer Service

For a more in-depth look into LendYou and their payday lending services, read our LendYou Complete Review.

Max Cash

Max Cash Title Loans Logo

Max Cash is another online lender that comes in at a close second to LendYou. Like LendYou, Max Cash is an online broker, meaning that they provide a platform for clients and payday lenders to find each other. Over the years, they have successfully helped over 400,000 people find an affordable loan.

After you sign up for Max Cash, they’ll get to work matching you with potential clients. This makes the loan search process much more efficient with Max Cash, compared to applying for loans with multiple direct lenders.

We like Max Cash because of the following:

  • High Exposure To Different Lenders
  • Max Cash Does All The Work
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Plenty of Educational Articles

You can learn more in our Max Cash Payday Loans Full Review & Guide.

Payday LV

Payday LV

Payday LV is a local lender search service. They are also similar to LendYou and Max Cash, but focus only on partner lenders within Las Vegas.

Payday LV understands that as the client, you win when other businesses are competing for you. This helps you secure the lowest rate as you have more negotiating power. Payday LV is also entirely free to use.

Contact Information:

  • Address: NV-589, Las Vegas, NV 89104
  • Email: info@paydaylv.com

Nevada Title and Payday Loans, Inc.

Nevada Title & Payday Loans, Inc Logo

Nevada Title and Payday Loans is our first direct lender on this list. Their 929 S Las Vegas Boulevard location is just north of the famous Vegas strip, and has a very high rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Google among 222 reviews.

Nevada Title and Payday Loans welcomes all applicants, even if you might have bad credit. Their payday loans are usually for between $100 to $500.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 929 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Phone: (702) 471-7295

Check City

Check City Logo

Check City is another direct lender in Las Vegas. Their 6820 W Charleston Boulevard location has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Google among 136 reviews.

Clients like the quick application process offered by Check City. If you visit one of their physical locations, you can often walk away with your cash on the same day.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 6820 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89117
  • Phone: (702) 880-5300

Cash Oasis (Money in Minutes NV)

Money in Minutes NV Logo

Cash Oasis (known online as Money in Minutes NV) is another option for Vegas residents to consider. For 20 years, they have been one of the leading direct payday lenders in the area.

At Cash Oasis, it normally takes just 30 minutes from the time you submit your application to receive a decision. After you’ve been pre-approved, you can get your cash as soon as you visit a local branch.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 5628 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146
  • Phone: (702) 258-0044

Do Payday Loans in Las Vegas Have Instant Approval?

People often wonder whether instant payday loans online with guaranteed approval exist. The short answer is no: companies generally cannot claim to guarantee approval on payday loans.

To understand why, try viewing the situation from the lender’s perspective. Because payday loans don’t involve a credit check, lenders must use some other criteria to evaluate you. For payday loans, they’ll look at your expected monthly income.

Many companies have a minimum monthly income requirement in order to accept you for a payday loan. Not everyone will meet this requirement, so naturally some people will end up getting rejected.

In general, offering a loan always involves some risk to the lender. For more on this discussion, check out our full post on why you won’t find payday loans online with instant approval.

What Is The Easiest Payday Loan To Get Online?

Even though no credit check loans with guaranteed approval don’t exist, you can still maximize your chances of getting one. If you’re not in much of a rush, the best strategy is to work with an online broker like LendYou or Max Cash. This allows you to reach as many lenders as possible with one single application.

On the other hand, if you do need instant funds, we recommend working with a local direct lender. Any one of our direct lender recommendations above have same-day funding options.

Are There Apps That Offer Instant Payday Loans?

For added convenience, LendYou and Max Cash also have mobile apps on the App Store and Google Play store. Downloading the app and signing up is equivalent to submitting an application from their website.

How Many Payday Loans Can You Have in Nevada?

In Nevada, there is no legal limit to how many payday loans you can have at one time. However, do note that you can only have up to 25% of your gross monthly income lent to you across all payday loans (if you have multiple).

Just because you can get more than one payday loan doesn’t mean that you should. Remember that payday loans come with very high interest rates and could put you further in debt if you’re unable to repay them.

In general, we recommend only having one payday loan at a time at most.

Do You Need a Bank Account To Get a Payday Loan in Las Vegas?

Yes, payday lenders usually require that you do have a bank account in order to get a payday loan. This is mainly to make transferring funds to your account easier.

In some cases, such as with Check City, the company will cash a check for the amount you owe against your bank account at the end of the lending term. This allows them to automatically withdraw funds from your account when the loan is due.

If you don’t have a bank account due to past banking history, consider second chance banking. These are banks that acknowledge your past history, but are willing to open an account for you anyway to start afresh.

Specifically for Las Vegas residents, we’ve curated a list of the best Las Vegas banks that don’t use ChexSystems for additional consideration.

Do You Need Good Credit For a Payday Loan in Las Vegas?

No, you don’t need good credit for a payday loan in Las Vegas. The reason is that payday loans do not consider your credit score as part of the application process.

However, you do need a relatively clean banking history, since having a bank account is normally a hard requirement. If you’re unable to get a bank account due to bad credit, refer to our list of the best checking accounts for bad credit.

In addition, don’t neglect your credit score for too long. It’s best to fix these problems early, since your credit score plays a big role in your financial life. We recommend reaching out to a credit repair company like Credit Saint to prioritize this as soon as possible.

Title Loans vs. Payday Loans

As an alternative to payday loans, you might also consider title loans. These are also no credit check loans designed for those who need cash fast.

In a title loan, you offer your car title as collateral in exchange for cash. You’re allowed to continue driving your car for the duration of the loan. You’ll get your title back when you repay the loan in full. However, if you don’t repay the loan, the title loan company may have the right to seize your vehicle.

For both title loans and payday loans, you should only take them out if you’re sure you can repay them on time. If you’re interested in learning more about title loans, read our post on the best title loan companies in the United States.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Payday loans are a quick and easy way to get cash to cover a financial emergency. While many companies in Las Vegas offer this service, you should be selective about which one you work with. All the companies in our list are trustworthy due to their proven track records.

Specifically, we want to highlight LendYou as one of the best places to begin your search. As LendYou offers a large online marketplace, you’ll quickly connect with multiple lenders, increasing your chances of finding a payday loan at the lowest rates possible.

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