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Best Title Loan Companies in Alabama
Author : Chris Morgan
Updated on : October 22nd, 2021

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Alabama has many nicknames, such as the Yellowhammer State, the Cotton State, and the Lizard State. However, perhaps the most unique of them all is the “Heart of Dixie,” signifying Alabama’s place as the heart and soul of the American South.

Like many other southern states, Alabama residents enjoy a relatively low cost of living compared to other parts of the country. According to the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, Alabama has a cost of living index of 88.8 (where the national average is 100).

The Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce offers additional insights into the cost of living in certain major Alabama cities:

  • In Huntsville, the composite cost of living index is 89.
  • In Decatur, the index is 84. This is mostly due to the low cost of housing, which has an index of just 51. For context, in Washington DC, the housing index is 148.
  • Compare these indices to those of other major cities in the area, including Atlanta (99) and Myrtle Beach (93).

It’s clear that on average, living in Alabama is less likely to burn a hole in your wallet, at least compared to other American cities. However, emergency expenses can still come from anywhere.

If you suddenly find yourself faced with a mountain of expenses, consider a title loan as a short-term financial solution. There are many title loan agencies in Alabama that can help.

However, you shouldn’t just trust any title loan company out there. In this post, we’ll go over how title loans work in Alabama and introduce our top 10 title loan companies in the state.

Are Title Loans Legal in Alabama?

Yes, title loans are legal in Alabama. Regulations surrounding title loans are governed by the Alabama Pawn Shop Act. There are two main points in this act to look out for:

  • The maximum term length for a title loan is 30 days.
  • The maximum interest rate a lender is allowed to charge on a title loan is 25% per month, which equates to 300% APR.

Because title loan terms are so short in Alabama, and the interest rates are relatively high, you should never take on a title loan unless you’re sure you can pay it off within 30 days. Otherwise, as the Federal Trade Commission warns, you run the risk of having your vehicle repossessed.

Here’s a concrete example: suppose you borrow $2,000 at the max interest rate of 300% APR. At the end of your loan term in 30 days, you would owe $2,500.

How Do Title Loans Work in Alabama?

In Alabama, getting a title loan usually involves this general five-step process:

  • Prepare your documents. Start off by making sure you have copies of certain key documents. Typically, this means your photo ID, car title, proof of income (paystub), proof of residency (utility bill), and car insurance.
  • Fill out an application, in person or online. Next, you’ll have to fill out a title loan application. This will ask you for information about yourself as well as your car. Most companies will let you fill this out online.
  • Receive and review your loan terms. A company representative will get back to you about your application in no time. More often than not, they’ll accept your application and give you a proposed loan contract. Review the terms carefully.
  • Accept or decline the offer. After verifying that your loan terms fall within Alabama law, you can choose to accept or decline the offer. If you decline, you’ll have to start this process over with another title loan company.
  • Get your funds. If you accept, you should get your funds within one business day. Be sure to make your loan repayment on time.

Best Instant Title Loans in Alabama

If you want the best instant title loans in Alabama, we recommend going to Max Cash Title Loans and LoanMart first. These two companies are the cream of the crop when it comes to title loan companies, as they have a long history of providing quality loans at decent rates.

Max Cash Title Loans

Max Cash Title Loans Logo

Max Cash Title Loans easily tops our list of the best title loans in Alabama. With over 1 million happy customers, Max Cash makes it their mission to do whatever it takes to find you a suitable title loan, or title loan refinance.

Max Cash is a platform that helps match you with one of their partner lenders. This is different from most title loan companies, which act as direct loan providers. With Max Cash, you have the opportunity to be matched with multiple lenders, each of which can offer you different loan terms.

Because of this, using Max Cash will increase your chances of landing a title loan at a good rate. With such a wide network of partner lenders, few other companies can scale to the degree that Max Cash does. Best of all, Max Cash is also entirely free to use.

Here is a full list of pros for Max Cash:

  • It’s Free
  • Quick and Easy Online Application
  • Biggest Network of Title Loan Lenders
  • Transparent About Rates and Services
  • Fair Evaluation of Car Value
  • Ability To Compare Interest Rates and Loan Amounts
  • Protects Your Personal Information
  • Top-Tier Customer Service
  • Bank Account Not Required

Check out our Ultimate Max Cash Title Loans review to learn more.


LoanMart Logo

LoanMart is another excellent title loan company for Alabama residents to consider. They have served over 250,000 customers to date, providing them with great rates on title loans and loan refinances.

LoanMart is a direct lender. Whereas Max Cash acts as the middleman in connecting you with a lender, LoanMart is directly responsible for funding your loan. You lose some flexibility and negotiating power compared to Max Cash, but may end up getting your funds faster with LoanMart.

This is the main tradeoff to consider. If you need funds instantly, LoanMart may be the better option. In addition, they offer a “Three Day Peace of Mind Guarantee” which gives you 72 hours to freely cancel any loan contract, as long as you return the principal amount in full. This is a great benefit that few other title loan companies offer.

Here are all the reasons we like LoanMart:

  • Three Day Peace of Mind Guarantee
  • Excellent Customer Service Support
  • Dedicated to Financial Education
  • Protects Your Personal Information
  • Competitive Rates
  • Secure Funds Quickly
  • Multiple Loan Options

Top 8 Local Alabama Title Loan Companies

Max Cash and LoanMart are two national title loan companies with a great list of pros, as we’ve seen. However, if you prefer a more local option, here are some of the most highly-rated Alabama title loan companies to consider.

Alabama Title Loans

Alabama Title Loans Logo

Alabama Title Loans is one of the top local Alabama loan agencies. They have multiple locations in the state, though their Midfield location is perhaps the most highly-rated, with a perfect 5 out of 5 rating among 200 Google reviews.

Alabama Title Loans is dedicated to helping customers through rough financial times. They try to make the entire application process as easy as possible, providing online options and even curbside service during the pandemic. You can get up to $10,000 in a matter of minutes, so don’t wait.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 615 Bessemer Super Hwy, Midfield, AL 35228
  • Phone: (205) 925-7229

Alabama Title Loans, Inc.

Alabama Title Loans Inc

Not to be confused with Alabama Title Loans, Alabama Title Loans, Inc. is a separate loan agency. They also have many locations throughout Alabama, with their Decatur office having a 4.8 out of 5 rating among 114 Google reviews.

Alabama Title Loans, Inc. offers title loans for up to $15,000. You can start the process immediately with their online application form, and a representative will contact you within minutes. You’ll finish off the process in-store, where you’ll need your state-issued ID, your car title, and your car for inspection.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 1315 6th Ave SE, Decatur, AL 35601
  • Phone: (256) 353-6803

American Auto Title Loan

American Auto Title Loan Logo

American Auto Title Loan has over 25 years of experience in the title loan industry. While they don’t have a physical office in Alabama, they do offer online title loans with no store visit.

American Auto Title Loan claims to offer some of the lowest rates on title loans in Alabama. Because the process is completely online, you’ll need some additional documentation, including car insurance, income information, and pictures of your vehicle. They’ll arrange for you to get your funds from a convenient location nearest you.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 3463 US-21 #103, Fort Mill, SC 29715
  • Phone: (803) 548-1703
  • Email:

Lending Bear

Lending Bear Logo

Lending Bear is a loan agency with 22 locations throughout the southern states, including Alabama. Their Dothan location has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 among 419 Google reviews.

Lending Bear goes out of their way to build trust with their clients. For one thing, they publicly post sample loan rates and terms on their website. In particular, they list how much typical loan amounts of between $500 to $3,000 would cost you in 30 days. They even provide ways to file a complaint with them should you run into any issues.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 2270 Montgomery Hwy, Dothan, AL 36303
  • Phone: (334) 702-1600


TitleBucks Logo

TitleBucks is another agency that operates primarily in the southern states. They have 11 locations in Alabama, all of which are very highly-rated. Their Jasper location has a perfect 5 out of 5 rating among 215 Google reviews.

TitleBucks is a great option if you’re looking for a more convenient way to receive your funds. Instead of receiving cash, you can choose to have your funds deposited into a Universe Silver Debit Card. This is a great option if you don’t have a bank account, though you can only do this if you apply in-store (not online).

Contact Information:

  • Address: 602 Hwy 78 W, Jasper, AL 35501
  • Phone: (205) 221-2104


Titlelo Logo

Titlelo is a large national title loan agency with locations in 21 states. Their headquarters is in Fort Lauderdale, but they offer online title loans to Alabama residents.

Titlelo acts similarly to Max Cash, where they pair you with a lender that understands your financial needs. To assist you throughout the entire process, you can connect with a representative via online chat or over the phone. They’ll set up a meeting between you and the lender at a location convenient for you.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 3000 NE 30th Pl Ste 104, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306 (headquarters)
  • Phone: (855) 341-4500
  • Email:

Title Loan Express

Title Loan Express Logo

Title Loan Express was established in 1995, and they have three locations in Alabama. Though small, they have become a popular choice among Birmingham locals, where their Forestdale Blvd location has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 among 72 Google reviews.

After filling out their online application, you should expect an email with further instructions. Once that’s finished, you’ll have to visit their store to sign some paperwork, and you’ll be off with your funds in 15 minutes or less. Title Loan Express also offers a 48 hour guarantee, where you can cancel any loan within 2 days by returning the amount you borrowed.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 925 Forestdale Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35214
  • Phone: (205) 791-9600


TitleMax Logo

TitleMax is one of the best national title loan agencies with dozens of locations in Alabama. Their Memorial Pkwy location in Huntsville has a perfect 5 out of 5 rating among 291 Google reviews.

TitleMax is proud to offer competitive title loans and loan refinance services to residents of 15 states. They have a great track record of helping their clients through rough financial times, and giving back to the communities around them. Though they do run your credit, they won’t use that to disqualify you for a loan.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 3000 Memorial Pkwy NW, Huntsville, AL 35810
  • Phone: (256) 859-2731

What Do You Need For a Title Loan in Alabama?

In Alabama, all companies will ask you for the following documents in order to qualify for a title loan:

  • State-issued ID (driver’s license)
  • Car title

Because title loan laws vary by state, you’ll need to prove your Alabama residency. You can do this with an Alabama state-issued ID like a driver’s license, or with a recent utility bill.

Other documents that are often requested include car insurance information, as well as a recent paystub as proof of income and creditworthiness. A credit check is not required in most cases, though some companies prefer doing this over a paystub.

Do I Need Good Credit to Get a Title Loan?

No, you do not need good credit to get a title loan. Title loans and payday loans are special types of loans that usually do not even involve a credit check. 

Of course, this is great news if you have poor credit. However, you shouldn’t use title loans as a crutch for too long, mostly because they are one of the most expensive forms of loans out there. Instead, you should look to steadily improve your credit score so you have more loan options in the future.

One great way to put yourself on the path to a better credit score is by using a credit repair service. We discuss one of the best repair companies out there in our Ultimate Review Guide for Credit Saint. They have helped countless people boost their scores by 30 to 60 points in a matter of months.

With an improved credit score, you can turn to more affordable personal installment loans in the future. If you’re thinking about buying a new car or home, an excellent credit score could save you many thousands of dollars on those larger loans.

How Much Can I Get in a Title Loan in Alabama?

There is no legal limit to how much you can receive in a title loan in Alabama. However, most companies offer loan amounts between $500 to $2,500, depending on your need and the value of your car.

Remember that title loan terms in Alabama are extremely short: the maximum is 30 days, according to Alabama law and That means you’ll only have 30 days to repay the full amount of your loan plus interest. Thus, it’s wise to only take out as much money as you need in a title loan, even if you qualify for much more.

What Is The Downside to a Title Loan?

It’s no secret that title loans are expensive--this is their biggest downside, as noted by As we’ve repeated throughout this post, never take on a title loan unless you’re absolutely sure you can pay it off.

Once you have that out of the way, the benefits to title loans can definitely outweigh the negatives. Title loans remain a reliable way to get your hands on a good amount of cash in a relatively short amount of time. For people with poor credit, title loans are a very practical option.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Title loans in Alabama are convenient ways to borrow money for short-term emergency expenses. While there are many title loan agencies in Alabama to choose from, we’ve narrowed them down to the top 10 companies in this post.

In particular, we recommend Max Cash to anyone considering a title loan in Alabama. Completing a Max Cash application puts you in front of hundreds of potential lenders that can significantly increase your chances of finding the perfect title loan.

If you need cash fast, get in touch with

Max Cash.

Max Cash Title Loans Logo

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