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Author : Chris Morgan
Updated on : January 1st, 2024

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Few credit repair agencies are as successful and effective as Credit Saint. Regarded as one of the best credit repair companies in the United States, Credit Saint has helped many customers significantly improve their credit scores.

Backed by an industry-leading 90 day money-back guarantee, Credit Saint is a prime choice for many looking to fix their credit. However, you may have questions or other doubts about Credit Saint, and whether it’s really worth it to hire them.

In this review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Credit Saint, including some of their most standout pros and cons. We’ll also answer frequently asked questions by those unsure about Credit Saint. By the end, you should have a better idea of what to expect from Credit Saint, and why we think they’re a top choice in the credit repair industry.

Who is Credit Saint?

Credit Saint is an agency based in New Jersey that offers credit restoration services to clients. Founded in 2004, Credit Saint has been a major player in the credit repair industry for nearly two decades.

For most companies in the credit repair space, being accredited by the BBB is difficult enough. Credit Saint is not only accredited, but has also had a BBB rating of A or higher since 2007. This speaks to the legitimacy and effectiveness of their services.

How Does Credit Saint Repair Your Credit?

Credit Saint repairs your credit with four main steps:

  • Free consultation
  • Choose a plan
  • Dispute errors and build credit
  • Other services

Here’s what you can expect from each step.

Free Consultation

Like many other credit agencies, the first step at Credit Saint is to set up a free consultation with a member of their team.

During the consultation, they will help you get your credit report and go over it with you. They’ll make a note of the negative aspects of your report, and whether or not they can be disputed. They’ll also analyze your positive credit and offer ways to continue building that up.

Unlike some other firms, we love that Credit Saint does not charge a fee for obtaining your credit report. In addition, the fact that they go over both the positives and negatives of your credit report is great for teaching you what to look out for on your report.

Choose a Plan

If you want to continue with paid services, you’ll then choose from one of three plans. Credit Saint offers the Credit Polish, Credit Remodel, and Clean Slate plans depending on the state of your credit. All plans come with a 90 day money-back guarantee.

Normally, the Credit Polish and Credit Remodel plans are sufficient for most people. However, we’ll discuss the three plans in detail later and help you decide which is the best for you.

Dispute Errors and Build Credit

Once you’ve settled on a plan, Credit Saint will get to work disputing errors with the credit bureaus. At the same time, you’ll need to take action building your credit under a professional’s guidance.

Credit Saint works in 45 day cycles. At the end of each cycle, you’ll receive 3 credit reports which you can use to track progress on your case. You can review these reports together with Credit Saint and prepare for the next cycle if necessary.

Credit Saint’s emphasis on disputing errors while teaching how to build positive credit at the same time is what helps get clients outstanding results. 

Other Services

Credit Saint also offers a score tracker and score analysis with all paid plans. The higher tier plans also offer Experian monitoring, alerting you whenever there is a change to your Experian report.

These services in addition to credit repair are useful for further improving your score down the road.

What Credit Saint Cannot Help You With

Some clients believe that credit repair is a magical service that can get rid of all negative items from their report. However, this is not true.

Credit Saint can only help you remove negative items that are incorrectly reported. They cannot help you with the following:

  • Actual debts or inquiries. Credit Saint will not help you pay down your debts or get rid of any credit accounts that you actually own. They also will not attempt to remove any inquiries if they were reported accurately.

  • Promise a credit score increase. Under the Credit Repair Organizations Act, all credit repair agencies must make these sorts of promises in writing. Since it’s unrealistic to make such a promise, don’t trust any repair agency that tries to do so.

That being said, many clients have seen significant score increases as a result of successful bureau disputes. We’ll go over some customer testimonials later in this review.

How Much Does Credit Saint Cost?

Credit Saint offers three plans at different price points. During your free consultation, you might ask which is best for you. Here is a summary of each plan and our opinions.





Credit Saint’s most basic plan is the Credit Polish plan. This is their “medium-aggressive” plan, meaning that they’ll attempt to dispute 5 incorrect items per 45-day cycle.

Credit Polish also comes with a free credit score tracker, score analysis, and full access to all of Credit Saint’s online resources on building credit.





Clean Slate is Credit Saint’s most complete plan. They will help you challenge an unlimited amount of items per 45-day cycle.

Clean Slate comes with all the benefits of the Credit Remodel plan. The only difference between Clean Slate and Credit Remodel is the unlimited disputes per cycle.

Credit Polish costs $79.99 per month, along with a $99 first work fee. Thus, for a 3 to 6 month subscription, you’re looking at between $339 and $579 total. For those with minor items to dispute, this is the best value option for you.

Credit Remodel costs $99.99 per month, along with a $99 first work fee. For a 3 to 6 month subscription, this comes out at around $399 to $699 total. This plan is best for those with major items to dispute, and is probably the highest tier necessary for most cases.

Clean Slate is only for those with a large quantity of items to dispute, both major and minor. It costs $119.99 per month, along with a $195 first work fee. For 3 to 6 months, this is around $555 to $915 total.

Does Credit Saint Really Work?

If you have errors on your credit report, Credit Saint certainly does help dispute them on your behalf. According to the Federal Trade Commission, one in five Americans have at least one error on their credit reports.

With professional guidance towards boosting your overall scores, clients see great results with Credit Saint. The most successful clients see credit score increases of 100 or more. 

However, it’s important to manage your expectations, as they can vary widely from case to case. Also, be patient. Credit repair can be a lengthy process that requires a few cycles before you see the full effects.

Can You Cancel Credit Saint?

Yes, you can cancel your Credit Saint subscription at any time. Credit Saint has a relatively flexible cancellation policy, where as long as you cancel before the next billing period, you won’t be charged for another month.

Additionally, if you are within the 90 day money-back guarantee, you’re entitled to a full refund if you haven’t seen any of your items removed.

Pros of Credit Saint

Here is a list of the best pros of Credit Saint’s services.

  • 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

One of Credit Saint’s biggest selling points is their 90 day money-back guarantee. Credit Saint is so confident in their services that they’ll issue you a full refund if they can’t remove any items from your report in 90 days. 

Most credit repair agencies offer a similar benefit, but few extend them as long as 90 days. Since Credit Saint works in 45-day dispute cycles, this affords you two full cycles before you become ineligible for the refund. 

For those who are on the fence about hiring Credit Saint, this is a great extra layer of insurance. You’re guaranteed to either have negative items removed within 90 days, or your money back.

  • Reasonable Prices

Pricing is very important in credit repair, since many clients may be stuck in a financial hole. Credit repair in general can get expensive, but Credit Saint’s prices are reasonable.

While Credit Saint isn’t the cheapest option out there, they do offer extremely good value for what you pay for, with their most expensive plan at $119.99 per month. Some other agencies, in contrast, charge upwards of $150 or higher per month.

This is great, especially for those with only a few items to remove. It doesn’t make sense to pay a higher fee for another service when Credit Saint’s Polish plan will do.

  • Flexible Cancellation

As mentioned earlier, you’re free to cancel your subscription with Credit Saint at any time, for any reason. You won’t be billed for any additional charges.

  • Efficient Credit Repair

With some credit agencies, it can be difficult knowing if progress is being made on your case. Especially with recurring monthly charges, this can be frustrating if you suspect they aren’t prioritizing your case.

Because Credit Saint runs on 45-day cycles, this gives them a sort of deadline to provide you with updates. At every cycle’s end, you’ll receive your credit reports in the mail. This allows you to see exactly what Credit Saint has done in the past cycle.

Due to this work model, Credit Saint is a highly efficient credit repair agency. This is expected from a firm that believes they can deliver significant results in just 90 days.

  • Private Dashboard

With Credit Saint, you’ll have access to a private dashboard, which keeps track of which items are currently under dispute. This dashboard also contains your score tracker and score analysis.

Even outside regular business hours, you can log in to the dashboard to view your case. This is a nice addition that shows Credit Saint’s transparency in handling customer cases.

  • Highly Rated & Good Track Record

Last but not least, we have to give credit to Credit Saint’s track record. It’s not easy to be in the credit repair business and earn an A rating on the BBB for multiple consecutive years.

Credit Saint’s high ratings further prove their legitimacy and effectiveness as a credit repair agency. 

Cons of Credit Saint

Apart from the pros, there are a few notable cons you should also be aware of.

  • Higher First Work Fees

In addition to the monthly subscription fee, Credit Saint does charge a first work fee. Unfortunately, this fee is higher than at some other credit repair agencies.

Credit Polish and Credit Remodel plans have first work fees of $99, while Clean Slate has a first work fee of $195. However, when considered together with the monthly cost, the total cost of Credit Saint is still very reasonable for the quality of service you get.

  • Not Available in All States

Credit Saint is not available in all U.S. states. Currently, Credit Saint’s terms and conditions page says that their services are not available in Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Oregon, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

If you do live in one of these seven states, we recommend reading our full review of Lexington Law.

Customer Reviews of Credit Saint

Before signing up for a credit repair service, it’s always a good idea to take a look at a few key customer reviews. ConsumerAffairs offers some interesting positive and negative Credit Saint reviews, which we’ll dive into here.


of Lynwood, WA

May 26, 2021

At first, the idea of reaching out to anyone when trying to fix bad credit can be scary. I spent quite a bit of time and did my research on which credit repair company or a restoration company may be the best fit for me. I am very busy working full-time and being a single mom while also trying to go to school myself. I simply called to get some information and felt that I was met with very peaceful and polite help from the person that took my call! 

Once Damien explained everything to me it felt like it was the right step to take so I could finally get my life back from my not so great credit.

We all have to start somewhere when it comes to rebuilding after something bad happens. I appreciate the willingness and wanting to help. The customer guarantee is excellent not many other Companies have as high of a success rate. It was very nice to talk to somebody who was knowledgeable and wanted to help. I felt like they really cared and took the time to tailor my situation to how to help me further improve. They also gave me information that I did not know about in terms of credit and how to do better or improve what things look good/bad. I hope that everyone is able to have the experience with Damien that I did today! He is excellent. I appreciate his help so very much! I’m now on track to rebuilding my life and I am happy to see where I can get to!

Let’s begin with this 5-star review from Janessa. This was one of the more comprehensive reviews we could find at ConsumerAffairs. 

Janessa starts the review by expressing a feeling many people have when dealing with bad credit: it can be difficult and scary to reach out for help. As a working single mom, credit repair may have been one of the last things she wanted to think about.

However, the initial phone call gave Janessa some useful pointers on how to start rebuilding her credit, and how Credit Saint could help. The fact that Credit Saint offers credit rebuilding tips in addition to repair is a huge plus that not all firms can match.

Finally, she also notes how personal the service was: tailored to her specific situation. This is a very important quality of only the best and most well-intentioned credit repair services.

No matter how bad your credit seems at the moment, there are definitely ways to fix it. If you’re lost on where to begin, a phone call with Credit Saint can get you started on the right foot as it did with Janessa here.

Myrtia of

Los Angeles, CA

September 6, 2019

They took the time to really teach me a lot on the initial phone call. What is actually damage and what is not. I thought that were a heavy factor since the guy at the dealership said so, but the Credit Saint girl said they were not. I like that she told me the truth rather than use a scare tactic. Then after she won my trust, I wanted the most expensive program, but she gave me the middle tier because with my "level of damage" as she put it, Their Remodel program would act like their top program "Clean Slate". I don't normally review anything, but her integrity earned this one.

Myrtia echoes a lot of the same feelings as Janessa in her initial call with Credit Saint. Immediately, she was able to learn what sorts of things on her credit report were considered “damage.”

However, she also talks about a specific interaction which won her trust. Despite Myrtia wanting the most expensive Clean Slate program, the representative pushed her towards the cheaper Credit Remodel plan instead, as that was enough for her needs.

A more shady credit repair company may not have even suggested a cheaper plan. Credit Saint representatives truly want the best for their clients, which is why they don’t make any unnecessary upsells.


of Bronx, NY

May 1, 2021

I signed up with Credit Saint October 2020 with no changes with my credit score. Credit Saint claims a 90 day guarantee if not they will reimburse your money. However, once my account reached past 90 and seeing no changes. I contacted them to close my account. I was transferred to a Senior Consultant which convinced me to give it more time for him to work directly with my account. April 2021 had to close my account with credit saint due to lack of communication and poor quality service.

While it’s good to read the positive reviews, it’s important to look at the negative reviews as well. Out of 85 reviews, Credit Saint has a 4.8/5 average rating, which means there were very few negative reviews. However, this is a 1-star review from Olga who used Credit Saint for a few months before canceling.

In the first sentence of the review, Olga notes that she saw no changes in her credit score. While frustrating, this is a common misconception with credit repair. Agencies like Credit Saint cannot promise any amount of credit score increase, but they do work to take items off your report which often results in a higher score.

Ultimately, credit repair does take time and will not happen overnight. A lot of it depends on your initial credit state and how many items you need disputing. As the end of the review was somewhat vague, Credit Saint responded to Olga saying they would ask her what went wrong with the service.


of Suffern, NY

May 24, 2020

From the first phone call when I reached out to them until I stopped the service the staff was always friendly, and knew what they were talking about. They got my credit reports down from 27 negative items to only 2, and my score increased by 170 points, the only reason I stopped there is because I couldn't afford it any longer. The service is very affordable with no surprise fees popping up every other month, I really enjoyed working with Credit Saint.

Here is one exceptional success story by Zac, who saw his credit score increase by 170 points. Credit Saint helped him remove 25 items from his report.

He cites that he stopped the service because he could no longer afford it. However, with his huge score increase, he will be saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars on future loans!

How Long Does It Take Credit Saint To Work?

In the majority of cases, you’ll want to give Credit Saint at least 3 to 6 months to work on your case. During this time, if you combine their credit repair with action on your end to meet your debt payments, you’ll see the best results.

Of course, you’re free to re-evaluate your case after 3 months and take advantage of the 90 day money-back guarantee if you don’t see any items removed. However, it’s possible that some more serious items just take longer to dispute. Your representative can help provide more details on your specific case.

What Results Should You Expect From Credit Saint?

It would be great if every customer had the same 170 point increase as Zac did in his earlier testimonial. However, in nearly all cases it’s unrealistic to expect such a huge score increase.

Based on past clients, a reasonable expectation is to see a score increase of around 30 to 60 points after 6 months if you have items to dispute. This isn’t a promise by Credit Saint, but rather a result of several successful disputes.

Provided that you also make timely payments during this 6 month period, it’s possible to see even better results. It helps that Credit Saint also focuses on teaching customers good credit practices while repairing their reports.

Which Is Better: 

Credit Saint Or Lexington Law?

Lexington Law is another popular credit repair agency with an excellent track record. As both Lexington Law and Credit Saint have highly-regarded repair services, you might be wondering which company is better for you.

The answer will depend on your situation. In general, Lexington Law is a better option for those with a fewer amount of items to target, whereas Credit Saint can potentially help you dispute more items per 45-day cycle. In addition, if you live in a state where Credit Saint is unavailable, Lexington Law is a great alternative.

We highly recommend reading our complete review of Lexington Law to learn more about their services and pricing. This can help you make a more educated decision on which agency is right for you.

How To Sign Up For Credit Saint

To get started with Credit Saint, you can begin by requesting a free consultation here. A Credit Saint representative will contact you during their business hours to ask you more about what you’re looking for.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Credit Saint is a major player in the credit repair agency due to their outstanding services. Their ability to help customers get results efficiently has made them one of the highest-rated credit repair services out there.

We hope this review of Credit Saint helped you understand more about their services, as well as the pros and cons. If you’re in the market for credit repair, we highly suggest giving Credit Saint a call. They will guide you through fixing your credit and help set you up for success in the long run.

Credit Saint

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Credit Saint is one of the most popular credit repair services. If you contact them, an expert will walk you through the entire process. Credit Saint is particularly suited for those with more credit problems that may require a longer time to fix.

When doing research, Credit Help Info relies on credible and authoritative sites. These research sources are provided so that you can see exactly where we get our information.

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