Improve My Credit Fitness Review

Improve My Credit Fitness Review
Author : Chris Morgan
Updated on : October 9th, 2022

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A credit score boost is just what you need to get your finances together. A tradeline can help you do just that. After thorough research, we recommend Improve My Credit Fitness as a reputable tradeline company. 

Improve My Credit Fitness sets itself apart from the rest by offering specially-picked tradelines as well as several tradeline packages to help you improve your credit. If you're not quite sure which tradeline options are best for your financial situation, Improve My Credit Fitness offers a free consultation.

This article explains why Improve My Credit Fitness is a preferred tradeline provider. Read on to find out how to decide upon the best tradeline from their available packages. Plus, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about tradelines for your reference.

Who is Improve My Credit Fitness?

Headquartered in Hallandale Beach, Florida Improve My Credit Fitness was created to help individuals achieve greater financial stability and security via credit score improvement. They act as a medium to help people gain access to tradelines to boost credit scores. They also recruit individuals with healthy credit as tradeline suppliers. 

Tradelines can help you get your financial life together. Let’s face it. Good credit is the ticket to nearly everything at an affordable rate. Whether you are interested in purchasing a home, renting an apartment, or applying for utilities, good credit is essential to obtaining access to the products and services you desire at the best rates and terms possible. 

If you’ve experienced a reduction in your credit score, you know exactly how limiting this can be. A decrease in a credit score can prevent access to everything from housing to student loan funds. Credit scores also impact the type of products and services that are available to you and how much you will have to pay now and in the future. 

With good credit, you get access to high-quality items at lower rates instead of settling for standard and in some cases, sub-standard services and products at much higher rates. Let Improve My Credit Fitness help you access the credit you need via a free consultation. 

You may be wondering if purchasing tradelines is legal or “right.” According to the legal directory, purchasing tradelines is legal when you use authorized tradelines. Some argue that purchasing tradelines is a way to “hack” the credit system and avoid the work of building credit on your own. However, purchasing authorized tradelines is a valid, legal method to improve credit. 

Improve My Credit Fitness is dedicated to helping people like you get the top-tier credit you desire through authorized tradelines. They are ready to help consumers become authorized users on high-quality tradelines.

For the best results, we recommend that you find out how to get a credit score for free so that you know your credit status to make an informed decision when choosing a tradeline for credit improvement.

Getting a Tradeline at Improve My Credit Fitness

Consumers have the option of purchasing a tradeline package or buying a tradeline individually via the “Inventory” page. Improve My Credit Fitness recommends contacting them directly for a free consultation to determine which tradeline options are available and most beneficial for credit improvement.

Tradeline Packages

Tradeline packages are offered as a way to purchase more than one tradeline at a discounted rate.

Beginner: Starting at $649, it includes two tradelines with an average of two years of credit history with a total credit limit of $20,000.

History Builder: Starting at $999, it included two tradelines with an average of nine years of credit history with a total credit limit of $11,000.

Limit Builder: Starting at $1099, it includes three tradelines with an average of three years of credit history with a total credit limit of $50,000.

Have It All: Starting at $1,999, it includes three tradelines with an average of nine years of credit history with a total credit limit of $50,000. 

Tradeline Inventory

Improve My Credit Fitness provides a listing of available tradelines based on specific parameters such as bank name, card limit, age of tradeline, reporting dates, number of tradeline users available, and price. Consumers can choose the desired tradeline by adding it to their cart.

Individuals seeking to improve their credit, are advised to choose tradelines with an older age/maturity especially if an existing credit file does not have many accounts. For those with a more substantial credit file, choosing a tradeline that combines maturity with a lower credit limit is advised to keep the overall credit utilization at an ideal number for credit reporting.  

Improve My Credit Fitness advises that upon purchasing one of the tradeline packages, the client will be added as an authorized user (AU) to the chosen tradeline(s). 

According to the Office of Financial Readiness, to improve and maintain credit scores, it is best to maintain a debt-to-available-credit ratio between 1% to 10%. When you carry high amounts of debt, this lowers your credit score. Please note the credit utilization model refers to revolving credit such as credit cards and personal and business lines of credit. 

To ensure that clients get maximum credit-boosting results, all tradelines offered by Improve My Credit Fitness are kept at a 10% credit utilization or less. Improve My Credit Fitness recommends choosing tradelines from banks that clients do not have a previous history with. 

Please note that Improve My Credit Fitness does not work in any capacity with credit privacy numbers (CPNs).

Pros of Improve My Credit Fitness

Here are the reasons why we recommend Improve My Credit Fitness for credit score-boosting tradelines.

  • Cost-Effective Tradeline Packages

Improve My Credit Fitness offers an online platform for tradelines. You have access to tradeline packages ranging from $649-$1,999 which allows clients to purchase more than one tradeline at cost savings. When compared to purchasing tradelines individually, the offered tradeline packages are an ideal, cost-effective, credit-boosting choice.

  • Easy-To-Use Tradeline Interface

As an online provider of tradelines, Improve My Credit Fitness has an interface that makes finding specific tradelines easy and convenient. The interface features several columns that allow you to sort tradelines based on bank name, credit limit, tradeline age, price, and much more.

  • Convenient Online Process

At Improve My Credit Fitness, you can purchase your tradeline online without a hassle. Simply view the inventory and search for the desired tradeline and add it to your cart. Tradeline packages are easy to purchase as well. Everything is done online for your convenience.

  • Money Back Guarantee

Improve My Credit Fitness is committed to offering stellar tradeline services to help consumers seeking to boost credit scores. They offer a money-back guarantee of the full amount of the tradeline purchased within 14 calendar days if a tradeline does not appear on your credit report within 60 days of the first estimated monthly reporting date.

  • Secured & Bonded

One of the features that sets Improve My Credit Fitness apart from the rest is that it has surety bonding to ensure that clients are well-protected when purchasing a tradeline. This provides assurance for clients who are concerned about the legitimacy of the sale of tradelines as a credit improvement method.

  • Personable Customer Service

Improve My Credit Fitness offers exceptional customer service to help you get quality tradelines to boost your credit. They have an integrated contact form on the website where you can leave messages or you can email the company.

You can also reach the Improve My Credit Fitness team via chat to get answers to your questions in real-time. If you prefer to speak to someone directly, you can call 1-800-827-3915 Monday-Friday from 10 AM to 7 PM EST. 

Cons of Improve My Credit Fitness

While Improve My Credit Fitness is a solid, reputable tradeline provider, there are some cons to note for your reference.

  • Tradelines Guaranteed to Post to Two Bureaus

Improve My Credit Fitness guarantees that your purchased tradeline will post to two of the three credit bureaus via its money-back guarantee. It is important to note that the posting to some and not all of the credit bureau companies is a common occurrence that is found across all tradeline companies due to a delay or error in transmitting data to the credit bureaus. 

In most cases, your tradelines will post to all three credit bureaus. However, Improved My Credit Fitness wants to be transparent with consumers about the variances in tradeline posting to credit bureaus. 

  • Limited Tradeline Education Resources

In comparison to other tradeline companies, Improve My Credit Fitness falls short of tradeline education resources. Although they have a blog that features several articles, the content is mostly marketing related.  Also, the last posted content is from 2020, so the blog is not updated regularly. 

That being said, we still consider Improve My Credit Finess a reputable company worth doing business with.

Customer Reviews of Improve My Credit Fitness

A great way to gauge the reputation and quality of a tradeline company is through customer reviews. The following are reviews from Improve My Credit Fitness customers.

Customer Review from Jenna Plumb

The first review is from Google from customer Jenna Plumb:

Jenna Plumb

I was looking to raise my credit score before buying our SUV. Thankfully I found this company. I was able to get my score up by almost 100 points in less than 60 days. It was very affordable compared to other companies. I recommended this company to my friends and family.

Jenna’s review highlights the importance of using a tradeline to appear credit-worthy before making a major purchase such as a vehicle. The tradelines provided by Improve My Credit Fitness helped Jenna boost her credit score substantially within the designated 60-day money-back guarantee period. 

Also, Jenna notes that the tradelines offered by Improve My Credit Fitness were quite affordable when compared to other companies highlighting the affordability of this company’s tradelines.

Customer Review from Angie Noffsinger

The next Google review is from Angie Noffsinger who had this to say:

Angie Noffsinger

I called for a free consultation and to my surprise, they picked up the phone on Saturday after working hours. Unlike other companies, they were available at a convenient time for me. I was very skeptical, but during the consultation, I got all my concerns addressed and more. I feel very comfortable working with Improve My Credit Fitness, they definitely earned my trust, after I learned about surety bonds and trust accounts. I know I’m protected. And their prices are very reasonable. Don’t need to look any further.

Angie’s review mentions the value of the free consultation offered by Improve My Credit Fitness as it helped to alleviate her skepticism about the value of tradelines for boosting credit scores. She even mentioned the excellent customer service provided after working hours. 

What’s more, is that Angie’s review highlights the protection customers receive via the surety bond secured by Improve My Credit Fitness. If you are seeking a reputable company for tradelines, contact them via chat, phone, or send them an email to get started boosting your credit score through tradelines.

Customer Review from Paris Grayson

Finally, Paris Grayson sings her praises via the following Google review:

Paris Grayson

Improve my credit fitness are the BEST !!! Alex is AMAZING! not only does he help but he’s genuine when he helps you. When it comes down to trade lines it is not all about the money with him. I was one step away from being homeless, I found Alex. He told me when would be the best time to purchase tradelines and I followed his words. Within one week of having them on my credit, I was approved for Two credit cards, I got approved for My car with nothing down, and I got my first apartment. I moved to Georgia on faith. I've only been here for 7 months and without Alex, I don’t know where I’ll be. Thank you so much for being there for me and placing yourself in my shoes. You’re the best !

Paris’ review shows exactly how effective quality tradelines are in boosting credit scores. Her experience shows that the higher credit scores created through tradelines allowed her to obtain credit cards, a car, and approval for an apartment.

It’s important to note that Paris mentions that she didn’t have much credit and in as little as seven months she was able to greatly improve her credit scores. This magnifies the value of high-quality tradelines to improve existing credit.

What Are Tradelines & How Do They Work?

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, tradelines are credit accounts and all the information that is associated with them. Anyone with a credit score has existing tradelines. 

Our post on how to read my credit report provides details on the contents of a credit report and how you can identify your existing tradelines in the Account Information section of a credit report.

When purchasing a tradeline, the owner of the credit card adds you as an authorized user for a specific amount of time, in most cases, two months. Within these 60 days, the tradeline shows up on your credit report which can help you increase your credit score greatly in a short time. To learn more about boosting your credit fast, check out how to get tradelines.

What is the Legality of Tradelines?

If you are wondering, are tradelines legal, we are here to assure you that they are. In fact, tradelines are a form of  “credit piggybacking.” This is when you become an authorized user of someone’s credit account. You’ve more than likely received credit offers prompting you to add authorized users to your existing credit cards. 

Why would a credit card company promote additional users? To increase profits. 

The more people who use a credit card, the more money for the credit card companies. According to the Federal Reserve, the use of piggybacking credit such as tradelines can help people with thin/short credit histories improve their credit scores. 

In general, most people use authorized tradelines to boost their credit scores, and tradelines are a little-known but effective way to achieve higher credit scores and ratings. Since there aren’t any official laws that prevent piggybacking on someone’s credit, you can confidently, safely and legally purchase tradelines with Improve My Credit Fitness.

What Are the Credit Gains From Tradelines?

While tradelines can boost credit scores, it is important to note that high-quality tradelines are preferred when aiming for the ideal credit score as they can increase your score by at least 100 points. 

When seeking tradelines, it is important to consider your current credit profile so that you can choose the tradeline that offers the maximum credit benefits. Such factors as account history, credit limit, and account age of the existing tradelines on your credit report are important when considering a tradeline to boost your credit 

For example, if you currently have a high credit utilization, it is best to choose a tradeline with a lower credit usage. This will ensure that you don’t increase your credit utilization and end up negating the good effects of a positive tradeline on your credit report. 

Those with little to no credit could benefit from purchasing multiple tradelines as this is a clever way to obtain creditworthiness quickly. 

Are Tradelines An Economical Credit Improvement Option?

In general, tradelines are more expensive than other credit improvement options. The cost of a tradeline varies based on age, credit limit, and payment history. 

For example, a 20-year-old tradeline with a perfect payment history and high credit limit will cost more than a 2-year-old tradeline with the same parameters. Why? The maturity of the tradeline increases creditworthiness. 

In general, you can expect to spend a couple of hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars for a high-quality tradeline. Also, the number of tradelines purchased also impacts the overall cost. Typically, you’ll only need one high-quality tradeline to see credit improvement. 

However, in cases where you have a number of negative credit marks such as late payments, it can be advantageous to purchase multiple tradelines. Improve My Credit Fitness offers tradeline packages that offer multiple tradelines at a discounted rate.

Visit our post on How to Fix My Credit Score Myself to learn more about selecting tradelines to improve your existing credit.

Can You Sell Tradelines?

If you have a long-term, positive credit history, you could be eligible to sell tradelines. It is legal, and a great way to earn extra cash for your healthy credit file while helping others improve their credit scores.

Improve My Credit Fitness also offers the opportunity to become a “supplier.” Suppliers are the individuals who are the account holders of the tradelines that are purchased for lease by those seeking to improve their credit scores. 

Improve My Credit Fitness pays a fee to the suppliers for adding their customers as authorized users on their credit cards. Please note that authorized users will never have access to the actual credit card account. 

Those who meet the credit requirements can submit their information via the Improve My Credit Fitness website to be considered for this revenue-earning opportunity.

Conclusion and Next Steps

If you are looking for a way to increase your credit score, consider purchasing tradelines from Improve My Credit Fitness. With numerous positive customer testimonials and reviews, you have the security of knowing that this company offers a legitimate service that can help you boost your existing credit score. 

Improve My Credit Fitness is a step above the rest due to its high-quality, personable customer service as well as its money-back guarantee that backs up the quality of their tradelines. We recommend viewing the tradelines on the website and seeking a free consultation to get more information about the best tradeline to boost your credit score.

When doing research, Credit Help Info relies on credible and authoritative sites. These research sources are provided so that you can see exactly where we get our information.

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