The Ultimate Max Cash Title Loans Review

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Author : Chris Morgan
Updated on : September 17th, 2021

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Max Cash Title Loans is a popular free service that connects lenders and borrowers. As their business name suggests, they specialize in providing secure and instant title loans online.

It’s difficult for other title loans platforms and providers to compete with the scale and quality of Max Cash. Since their founding, they have helped 1 million customers across the US secure title loans worth over $100 million in total.

In this review, we’ll do a deep dive into Max Cash Title Loans and how they connect you with lenders. We’ll also discuss Max Cash’s biggest pros and cons, and why we think they’re one of your best options when it comes to title loans.

Who is Max Cash?

Max Cash is a free platform that matches clients with potential title loan lenders. Think of it as a marketplace where you can shop around loans and rates by different providers.

This means that Max Cash is not a direct lender. Because Max Cash is merely providing a lender platform, they are not the ones actually providing you with the money. Instead, the lenders and partners on the Max Cash platform deliver the funds once you agree to a loan contract.

How Does Max Cash Work?

If you’re in need of a quick title loan, Max Cash makes it very easy to get started for free. Those who are interested can head over to the Max Cash website and immediately begin filling out the application form. You will need to have the following information handy:

  • Car Information: You’ll need the year, make, model, and style of your car, as well as the current mileage.
  • Your Information: You’ll need basic information like your legal name, zip code, email address, and phone number. Also provide your monthly income and whether your car is completely paid off.

Make sure all the information is correct, since lenders will want to verify that everything is 100% accurate before proceeding. They may refuse you the loan outright if you lie. Once you complete the form, Max Cash will immediately appraise your car’s value based on industry standards and provide you with an estimate of the kinds of loans that you’ll probably qualify for.

After that, Max Cash will do all the heavy lifting of finding a suitable lender for you. If there is an interested lender, Max Cash will forward your information to them and they will be able to reach out to you directly to discuss the loan further.

It’s important to note that each individual lender may have different requirements. For example, some may require that your car is already paid off in full, while others may have a minimum credit score requirement. Some common requirements will include:

  • You are at least 18 years of age.
  • You have a valid driver’s license or other government-issued ID.
  • You are a US Citizen or permanent resident.
  • You can provide proof of income, employment, and car ownership.

After verifying your information, a lender may offer you a loan. If you like what a lender is offering, you can proceed to sign the loan contract. This process can vary based on whether you’re doing this in-person or online:

  • In-Person Signing: Your lender should have a list of documents you must bring to the signing, which typically includes at least your government-issued ID and car title. You should get your funds immediately upon signing the contract and handing over the title.
  • Online Signing: Your lender should have a process for you to electronically sign the contract and hand over the title. This is typically the way to go if you need funds fast. Normally, you’ll need a bank account in order to quickly receive a wire transfer.

Regardless of which method you choose, read the contract carefully before signing. In particular, pay attention to the loan terms and how the lender wants you to repay the loan. If anything is unclear, Max Cash customer service representatives will be there to assist you throughout the entire process.

Max Cash’s website provides many additional details about the entire process.

Pros of Max Cash

Max Cash has a long list of pros that make it the best choice for getting title loans:

  • It’s Free
  • Quick and Easy Online Application
  • Biggest Network of Title Loan Lenders
  • Transparent About Rates and Services
  • Fair Evaluation of Car Value
  • Ability To Compare Interest Rates and Loan Amounts
  • Protects Your Personal Information
  • Top-Tier Customer Service
  • Bank Account Not Required

Let’s go into more detail about each one.

It’s Free

Perhaps Max Cash’s biggest competitive advantage is that you can use their service without spending a dime. After submitting your application, Max Cash will find a match for you completely free of charge.

Instead, Max Cash charges lenders who want to be visible on their platform--this is how they earn their money. Max Cash doesn’t earn money until they help you secure a loan, so they will have your best interests at heart.

Quick and Easy Online Application

Another main advantage with Max Cash is that it’s so easy to get started. You can complete their online application in a matter of minutes.

As we’ve seen, all you need is some basic information about yourself and your car. Notably, their application doesn’t ask you for any sensitive information, like your social security number or credit score.

Biggest Network of Title Loan Lenders

Max Cash features the biggest network of title loan lenders. This is great, because completing a single online application will put you in front of multiple potential lenders. This is usually much more efficient than working with a single direct lender--if they reject you, you’re back to square one.

In addition, having such a big network means that even those with bad credit should still have plenty of loan options available.

Transparent About Rates and Services

We like that Max Cash is very transparent about how they conduct their business. They lay out exactly how the entire process works and clearly report rates and loan terms from their partner lenders.

The best part is that they have a detailed article about title loans in general. It’s clear that Max Cash wants to make sure all their clients know exactly what they’re getting into before signing a contract. They also have a handy title loan calculator to help you visualize your monthly payments.

Fair Evaluation of Car Market Value

Many people complain that some other title loan providers out there may severely undervalue your car. In contrast, Max Cash uses the industry-standard Kelley Blue Book and Black Book to fairly determine your car’s value. When getting a title loan, every dollar counts.

You can expect your maximum loan amount to be between 50% to 90% of your car’s auction value.

Ability To Compare Interest Rates and Loan Amounts

With so many title loan lenders to choose from, you’ll be able to compare multiple loan terms before making a final decision. Look carefully at the different interest rates and loan amounts being offered.

According to Max Cash, lenders have APRs ranging from around 29% to 300%. On average, Max Cash clients are able to get an interest rate of 87% to 97%, which is considered pretty typical for title loans. As we’ve mentioned, loan amounts will usually be 50% to 90% of your car’s auction value.

If your loan is not as time-sensitive, you can even take the time to negotiate different offers with lenders. You’ll be receiving multiple offers, so it won’t hurt to try and get more out of your title loan.

Protects Your Personal Information

Max Cash promises not to share your personal information with lenders unless they have an interest in offering you a loan. You provide your basic contact information in the application, but this isn’t forwarded on to lenders immediately.

Beware that while Max Cash will protect your personal information, specific lenders may not. Be wary of lenders that try to prod you for more of your personal details. If something seems fishy, reach out to Max Cash customer support.

Top-Tier Customer Service

Speaking of customer service, Max Cash representatives are there seven days a week to answer any questions or concerns you may have. The fact that you get top-tier customer service without having to spend anything to use their platform is a huge plus.

Max Cash representatives are available to you all the way until you sign the contract or decide that you no longer need the loan. They can act as your consultants as to whether specific loan terms make sense, or whether a lender is overstepping their boundaries. When in doubt, ask customer service.

Bank Account Not Required

While it’s certainly preferred for you to have a bank account if possible, you don’t need one to get a title loan at Max Cash. Partner lenders offer a variety of ways for you to receive your funds, including cash if you don’t have a bank account.

One of the most common ways to receive funds is to directly go to the lender’s physical office. Others may arrange for you to meet at a money exchange center.

Cons of Max Cash

There really aren’t many cons when it comes to Max Cash. In fact, there’s only one you should really watch out for.

Not Available in All States

Max Cash isn’t available in all states. This is because in some states, title loans are prohibited by law.

According to Max Cash’s locations map, they have full or partial coverage in all states except New York. However, due to different state laws, there are actually a number of restrictions in many states.

In most states, Max Cash has partner lenders that will be able to work with you. In others, you may need to jump through some hoops in order to secure a title loan. According to Max Cash’s website, which features a handy state checker, here are the states that have additional restrictions for title loans:

  • Alaska: Only tribal lenders allowed.
  • Arkansas: You must drive to a neighboring state.
  • Colorado: You must drive to a neighboring state.
  • Connecticut: Not allowed by state law.
  • Hawaii: Not allowed by state law.
  • Maine: Max Cash does not operate in Maine.
  • Maryland: Max Cash does not operate in Maryland.
  • Massachusetts: You must drive to New Hampshire.
  • Minnesota: You must drive to Wisconsin.
  • New Jersey: You must drive to Delaware.
  • New York: Not allowed by state law.
  • North Carolina: You must drive to Virginia or South Carolina.
  • Pennsylvania: You must drive to Delaware.
  • Rhode Island: Not allowed by state law.
  • Vermont: Only tribal lenders allowed.
  • West Virginia: Not allowed by state law.
  • Wyoming: Only tribal lenders allowed.

As you can see, title loans are prohibited in Connecticut, Hawaii, New York, Rhode Island, and West Virginia. Additionally, Max Cash claims they do not operate in Maine and Maryland. However, you could still drive to a state where title loans are legal if you wanted.

For Arkansas, Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, Max Cash has specific guidance on where to drive to receive the loan. Other states, like Alaska, Vermont, and Wyoming, feature title loans from Max Cash tribal lenders only.

As these laws may be subject to change, it’s always good to check with the Max Cash website for updated guidance. You can always reach out to customer service as well.

Customer Reviews of Max Cash

According to customer testimonials, Max Cash is able to connect you with lenders even if you have a lower credit score. This is illustrated by this review by Martha:


I had a great experience with them. They helped me a whole lot. I been turned down by 15 title loan places and I couldn’t believe they accepted me. First I had spoke to Brian and he was amazing. He helped me every step of the way. And then I got help from Jean **. She’s super awesome. I loved her! Both of them helped me so much. Thank you guys. I really appreciate it. You guys saved me when I was in desperate need to pay my house bills and rent. Thank you thank you. Hope you guys try them out.

This review highlights the numerous advantages of choosing Max Cash over another platform or provider. Because of Max Cash’s large network of lenders, they were able to accept Martha when 15 other lenders turned her down.

In addition, Martha highlights Max Cash’s top-tier customer service. If you’re like Martha and need instant cash to pay off an important bill like rent, consider filling out Max Cash’s application today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we provide answers to a few other frequently asked questions about Max Cash.

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What If I Cannot Pay Back My Loan?

What Are Some Alternatives to Max Cash?

Conclusion and Next Steps

This article was a thorough review of Max Cash, one of the best companies out there for obtaining a title loan. They have one of the best and most robust matching processes that has helped over 1 million people get the funds they need.

We did a complete look into Max Cash’s biggest competitive advantages and disadvantages, and found that there weren’t many cons at all. Apart from a few restrictions in some states, anyone in need of quick funds should consider signing up with Max Cash in order to access their wide network of title loan lenders.

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