Tradeline Supply Company Review

Tradeline Supply Company Review
Author : Chris Morgan
Updated on : March 8th, 2022

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If you need a short-term credit score boost, you may have considered buying a tradeline from a company. Among our top 5 best tradeline companies, Tradeline Supply Company sits as one of the most trustworthy companies out there.

With so many tradeline companies out there, Tradeline Supply Company stands out by offering the best selection of tradelines at a very reasonable price. In addition, they use an all-online business model that you can use to conveniently buy a tradeline in a matter of minutes.

In this article, we’ll show you why Tradeline Supply Company should be at the top of your list of considerations. We’ll walk through exactly how to pick out the best tradeline on their website and answer a bunch of frequently asked questions.

Who is Tradeline Supply Company?

Tradeline Supply Company was founded in 2017 in San Diego, and they are now the largest online marketplace for tradelines. Those looking to buy a tradeline will find a wealth of options to choose from. They also allow those with healthy tradelines to sign up as sellers on their platform.

Tradeline Supply Company’s mission is to make tradelines as accessible as possible in order to promote equal credit opportunity. As part of this, they also have many articles in their knowledge center to educate consumers about tradelines and the credit system.

Getting a Tradeline at Tradeline Supply Company

Some companies overcomplicate how to get tradelines, but buying a tradeline at Tradeline Supply Company is extremely simple. If you navigate to their “Buy Tradelines” page, you’ll come across an interface that looks like this:

Each row is a tradeline. Tradeline Supply Company also lists the properties of each listing so you can properly compare them. In particular, you should pay attention to the following columns:

  • Credit Limit: The higher the credit limit, the better.
  • Date Opened: The longer a tradeline has been open, the better.
  • Purchase Deadline: It’s important that you purchase the tradeline before this date if you want it to show up during the next reporting period. Tradeline Supply Company cannot guarantee that a tradeline will be reported if you miss this date.
  • Reporting Period: This is when your tradeline will first show up on your credit reports. After this date, it should remain there for at least two reporting cycles, or around 60 days.
  • Price: The better the tradeline, the higher the price. If you have a budget in mind, you may want to sort on this column to view only the tradelines within your budget.

Make sure you properly consider all five of these factors. Often, you’ll have to make tradeoffs between them depending on what your credit profile needs. For example, after you read your credit report, you may find yourself in one of these common scenarios:

  • If you have a thin credit file (not many accounts), you might want to prioritize the date opened column. A significant chunk of your credit score is the average age (as well as oldest age) of your credit accounts, so just a single mature tradeline could net you excellent results.
  • If you have a thick credit file (more accounts), but a high credit utilization, you might want to prioritize the credit limit column. A tradeline with a high credit limit can reduce your overall credit utilization, which can yield great results for your credit score.

Once you’ve made your selection, you can add the tradeline to your cart and checkout. As long as you buy the tradeline before the purchase deadline, it should show up on your reports sometime during the reporting period.

Pros of Tradeline Supply Company

Here are all the reasons why we think Tradeline Supply Company is the best place to get a tradeline.

  • Lowest Prices

Tradeline Supply Company is an online marketplace. This allows them to provide the most competitive prices on the market.

All of Tradeline Supply Company’s tradelines fall between $200 to $1,750 depending on their quality. Similar quality tradelines could cost you a couple thousand dollars at other companies.

  • Fast and Convenient Process

Getting a tradeline is very convenient at Tradeline Supply Company. You don’t have to speak with an agent or visit a physical location–simply find the tradeline you want and checkout online.

All in all, you could get your tradeline in a matter of minutes. This is much faster than it would be at other companies.

  • Easy Comparison of Different Tradelines

Tradeline Supply Company is very transparent with the properties and prices of their tradelines. This makes it very easy for you to compare and contrast them.

Specifically, you can also sort the tradelines by column if you have a particular preference. For example, you could sort by credit limit, from highest to lowest. That way, you won’t have to spend time sifting through hundreds of results.

  • All Tradelines Have Perfect Payment History

At Tradeline Supply Company, you won’t ever have to worry about tradelines having reported missed payments. This is in part due to their strict process for those who want to put their tradelines up for sale.

Many other companies aren’t nearly as transparent about this, and offer lower-quality tradelines as a result.

  • 2 Monthly Reporting Cycles Guaranteed

Any tradeline that you purchase from Tradeline Supply Company comes with a guarantee of staying on your credit reports for two monthly reporting cycles. This means that you’re guaranteed a score boost for around two months after your tradeline’s reporting date.

  • Extensive (Free!) Information About Tradelines

Tradeline Supply Company has an extensive knowledge center. The best part is, you don’t have to be a customer to view this information.

It’s always a good sign when a company preaches financial education instead of just pushing their own products. At Tradeline Supply Company, you can learn a lot about tradelines and the credit system as a whole.

  • Excellent Customer Service

Tradeline Supply Company’s excellent customer service is another one of their competitive advantages. Their hotline is available Monday through Friday from 7AM to 6PM PST, and on Saturdays 8AM to 5PM PST. They are also very responsive with email inquiries.

Cons of Tradeline Supply Company

Compared to the competition, Tradeline Supply Company doesn’t really have any cons, but there is one you should be aware of.

  • Tradelines May Only Post to 2 Bureaus

Tradeline Supply Company promises that your tradeline will post to at least 2 out of the 3 credit bureaus. This can be due to data transmission errors which are outside of Tradeline Supply Company’s control.

This is a problem that you may come across at all tradeline companies. We like that Tradeline Supply Company is transparent about this fact. Most of the time, your tradeline will still post to all 3 bureaus, but it’s good to just be aware of this con.

Customer Reviews of Tradeline Supply Company

Customer reviews are an additional way to evaluate a tradeline company. Here are some typical reviews of Tradeline Supply Company customers.

Customer Review from Marcus Glass

Our first review comes from Marcus Glass on Google:

Marcus Glass

5 Stars are easy to give when people simply do what they say they’re going to do. I can’t tell you how many individual people and companies over promised and under delivered...scammed me! Tradeline Supply Company is the “ONLY” company that did EXACTLY what they offered. The timing, age, limit and price, was all on point! Let me also add, the timing was critical because I had to plan my profile as to when to apply for a credit card...and because there were zero delays with TSC, I got the card I was looking for...even though they (TSC) informed me through their disclosure, there are no guarantees as to the outcome of the purchased tradelines, and that was extremely fair. Would I buy from Tradeline Supply Company LLC again? Do you really have to ask?

Answer: YES!

Marcus’s review shows the hesitancy some may feel towards purchasing a tradeline, particularly if they’ve been scammed by other companies in the past. Tradeline Supply Company was able to regain Marcus’s trust in tradelines by promising “exactly” what they offered.

Marcus’s review also touches on multiple pros we’ve discussed in this article. He mentions the “timing, age, limit, and price” as an easy way to view and compare the different tradelines available.

In addition, the score boost Marcus got from the tradeline helped him apply for a credit card. This is the ultimate goal of a tradeline: to set yourself up well for an upcoming application for credit!

Customer Review from Jon Miller

Our next review is from Jon Miller, who wrote the following Google review:

Jon Miller

This business provides an amazing service helping people with their credit. When speaking with customer service (specifically Erica) she was very patient with me while I was being indecisive. I genuinely felt that the company cared about educating me on what might be the best trade line for me. I would definitely recommend this business to others.

Jon’s review highlights one of the most overlooked aspects of Tradeline Supply Company’s business: that they are willing to educate customers for free. This shows that they have each customer’s best interests at heart.

Jon’s review also shows the top-tier customer service at Tradeline Supply Company. If you’re ever torn between which tradeline to choose, you can always give them a call and a representative will be happy to offer their advice based on your credit profile.

Customer Review from Joel Adrian Harris

Last but not least, Joel Adrian harris wrote the following Google review:

Joel Adrian Harris

I purchased a tradeline because I had a very new credit history - about 4 months. It hit my account in less than 20 days and boosted my score over 100 points. I was LITERALLY ASTONISHED. Thanks guys! Highly recommended!

Joel’s review gives us a sense of what type of results you can expect from purchasing a high-quality tradeline. While not everyone will see 100 point increases, such results are definitely possible.

In particular, Joel mentions that he has a very thin credit profile of only about 4 months. This further supports the fact that a single high-quality tradeline can really beef up your credit reports if you don’t have much history.

How Do Tradelines Work?

A tradeline is the official term for a credit account and all of its associated information, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. If you have a credit score, you already have a number of tradelines. These tradelines make up the “Account Information” section of your credit report.

When you buy a tradeline, the owner adds you as an authorized user to their account for a set amount of time, usually around two months. For that duration, this tradeline would show up on your credit report along with its full credit history. For many people, this can boost your credit score considerably in the short-term.

Are Tradelines Legal?

Yes, tradelines are legal. However, you may have come across other sources that doubt the legality and morality of tradelines. This is understandable, since it’s normal to be skeptical about anything that promises to increase your credit score.

Ultimately, these doubts don’t change the fact that tradelines are 100% legal. In fact, many banks and creditors don’t mind if you “piggyback” off of someone else’s credit. This concept has an official term: credit piggybacking is when you become an authorized user of someone else’s account.

For example, credit card companies actively support credit piggybacking. If you own a credit card, it’s not uncommon to receive marketing emails encouraging you to add family members as authorized users to your credit card. It’s easy to see why companies want this: the more users on a card, the more the card gets used, increasing their profits.

On the other hand, most people don’t intend to use a tradeline for anything other than a temporary score boost. This means that creditors are much less likely to endorse this practice, since they aren’t benefiting from it.

Fundamentally, these two scenarios are the same since they use the same underlying concept of credit piggybacking. There are no official laws prohibiting either practice. You can safely make purchases at Tradeline Supply Company without worrying about legality issues.

How Much Will a Tradeline Boost My Credit?

Not all tradelines are created equal. Some may have minimal impact on your credit score, while a good, high-quality tradeline could increase your score by 100 points or more.

It also depends on what your current credit profile looks like. If you’re relatively new to the credit world, a tradeline is generally more likely to have a greater impact on your score.

When browsing tradelines, we recommend paying attention to the following factors, as this will affect how much your score increases:

  • Account history. Payment history makes up 35% of your FICO credit score, which is the largest category. High-quality tradelines do not have any missed payments. At Tradeline Supply Company, all tradelines have perfect payment histories.
  • Credit limit. Debt-to-credit utilization makes up 30% of your FICO score. Thus, tradelines with higher credit limits can lower this ratio and give your score a big bump.
  • Account age. The older the tradeline, the better. Credit age is 15% of your score.

Of course, another big factor to consider is price. A tradeline that excels at all three of these qualities is sure to cost you a lot more. 

In order to stay within your budget, you’ll often have to make tradeoffs between credit limit and account age. For example, if your credit utilization is currently very high, prioritize a higher credit limit over a longer account age.

How Much Do Tradelines Cost?

Tradelines usually range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. At Tradeline Supply Company, most tradelines fall between $200 to $1,750.

The quality of the tradeline is directly proportional to its cost. For example, a 15 year old tradeline with perfect payment history and a high $25,000 credit limit is likely to cost you at least $1,000 or more.

If you’re worried about the cost, credit repair is a less expensive option than tradelines, but it does take months longer to work. If you are interested, then read the best credit repair companies in the United States to help you decide.

Should I Consider Buying Multiple Tradelines?

Most of the time, a single high-quality tradeline is all you need. This is true if you have both a thin credit file or a thick one:

  • If you have a thin credit file, a single high-quality tradeline will immediately become the “dominating” tradeline in your file. This is perfect if you’re looking for a temporary score boost.
  • If you have a thick credit file, because you already have a lot of credit, a single high-quality tradeline is more likely to have a bigger impact on your score than multiple weaker tradelines would.

However, there are specific scenarios where it might make sense to consider buying multiple tradelines. Here are two common ones:

  • You have many late payments: If you’ve missed many payments, buying multiple tradelines with perfect payment history can help bump up that category of your score.
  • Posting to a specific bureau: Companies such as Tradeline Supply Company can only promise that their tradelines post to two out of three bureaus. If you need a tradeline to post to a specific bureau, buying multiple tradelines can increase your chances.

Can I Get a Tradeline For Free?

No, you typically cannot get a tradeline for free. However, Tradeline Supply Company does offer promotions if you buy a second and third tradeline in a single transaction.

One way to essentially get a tradeline for free is to use the credit piggybacking strategy of having a friend or family member add you as an authorized user to their account. As long as their account is healthy, this can have the same effect as you buying a high-quality tradeline for free.

Can You Sell Tradelines?

Yes, it’s completely legal to sell tradelines. Tradeline Supply Company offers a way for those with high-quality tradelines to sign up as sellers on their website.

Of course, you’ll need a healthy credit file first. Once you have that, all you have to do is put in your contact information on their website and you’ll receive a quote to find out how much you could earn.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Tradeline Supply Company is the best place to buy tradelines. As dozens of positive customer testimonials have shown, you can also see a major credit score boost with one of their tradelines.

Tradeline Supply Company’s excellent customer service and dedication to financial education make them stand out above the crowd. We highly recommend browsing available tradelines on their website, and reaching out to one of their representatives if you have any further questions.

We recommend finding a high-quality tradeline at Tradeline Supply Company, which will positively benefit your credit score.

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